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empire state building to honor the man we first could not find 25 years ago today. and that's "the fox report" for this friday, september 21, 2012. class dismissed. it's weekend time. but o'reilly is next. so you should probably stay put captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> a promise is a promise and with all due respect you didn't keep that promise. >> president obama getting hammered on univision for not keeping a campaign promise on immigration. >> and why wasn't your administration better prepared to more security at our embassies on september 11th. >> we will analyze what was not a good day for the president. >> we saw no evidence to back up claims by others that this was a preplanned or premeditated attack. >> bill: that was the administration line right after
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our ambassador was murdered but within hours it changed. geraldo rivera will tell us why. ♪ i'm dreaming of a white president just like the ones we always had ♪ >> bill: has singer randy newman lost his mind? two white guys, gutfeld and mcgirk will have some thoughts. caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. are american voters in a fog? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. a new fox news poll contains surprising data from the key swing states of florida, ohio and virginia. voter there's apparently believe the economic policies of barack obama have helped more than hurt the economy.
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that is simply stunning. unemployment remains above 8%. wages down big. national debt $16 trillion. and the annual deficit is now well over $1 trillion a year. and likely voters think president obama's economic policies are helping? again, inexplicable. i had a conversation with laura ingram where i had speculation why this might be happening which i don't like to do. millions of us addicted to texting, entertainment websites, gaming, blocking out the world whenever we want to. it is now possible to live in an alternate universe operated out of your home or in our hand. you never have to deal with reality. always some fantasy you can create. economic issues are boring and complicated. there is spin flying all over the place. hard to know what the truth is unless you are out of work, then you know. but to understand what is
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actually happening in the marketplace you have to pay attention. you have to read. listen to news reports. for example my syndicated newspaper column this week is why america does not have an energy policy and how that affects all of us. you guys might read it on bill o'reilly .com but most americans will not. almost every person i know has a hand held internet device and spend hours surfing the net. you can see how your society has been dramatically impacted by high tech. in my opinion that is why this presidential election is so close. 32 years ago when regan ran against carter there was no place to hide for the president. jimmy carter's economy was a disaster and so was his foreign policy and most americans knew it. today we have $4 a gallon gas prices and most people go so what. the average american losing take home pay. many don't seem to care. the value of your home down dramatically. so what. i will go on my computer and
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lose myself in the fantasy world. 30% of the american electorate is paying attention. the other 70% distracted to say the least. i believe that is what the polls are reflecting and that is the memo. maybe economic guru lou dobbs has another reason why voters are approving the way the president is running the economy. and here he is. >> great to be with you, bill. >> bill: what do you say? >> we need to look at a couple of numbers. as you look at what is happening particularly with food stamps. romney's famous 47% comment created a great deal of excitement but the reality there is a touch stone in all of this that is absolutely i think moving this direction right now in president obama's favor. when we look at the number of food stamp recipients. >> bill: 47 million right now. up from 17 under press clinton. >> and they had declined because of welfare reform in large measure under clinton. go back to 1980 and president carter they were half that and
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if you take a look at the increase in the population. 88 million people in the country since 1980. one fourth of them would be receiving food stamps. that is incredible. it is again a statement of the largeese is of the federal government now being persuasive to a lot of people taking the polls because as you said -- for crying out loud, president obama is getting higher marks. >> bill: everybody understand there's is a segment of the american population that is going to vote democratic because the democratic party is the party of entitlement. we all understand that but that has been in play since franklin roosevelt, okay. >> for a long time. >> bill: and in the bebeginning of the race when romney secured the nomination it went back and forth. the polls went back and forth and still in the national rasmussen tracking poll, obama up by just one. in the key swing states, all right, governor romney is losing ground. i'm not exactly sure why.
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ieshere is some commonnallity in the three principal battleground states. in ohio, president obama is leading in ohio dramatically republican governors and elected as recently as 2010. rick scott in florida is an unpopular governor. john kain ohio. >> blessed doing a good job. >> but that isn't reflected in the job numbers. >> when the voters say president obama is doing a good job on the economy, doesn't your h head spin around? >> it absolutely does. >> bill: if you were a teacher and one of your students raised his hands and said mr. dobbs i believe president obama is doing a helluva job managing the economy and you would go, why, what do you point to,
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seymour, for that opinion? >> well. >> bill: and what is there to point to to justify for back that up? >> playing the part of seymour, if i may. >> bill: sure. >> there are some causal relationships at work here. in one instance an unpopular governor in florida. mcdonald is a popular governor but you his popularity has dropped dramatically. kasik is not. what is the difference? the difference is i think in it part what you suggested. but it is because of the advertising of the obama campaign and the ads they are directing into the three battleground states. >> bill: you think it is the obama machine. >> absolutely. >> bill: the obama machine has gone into the states with a tremendous amount of money and advertised negatively against romney and you believe the voters are being swayed to that
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but that still doesn't answer the question. >> let's add one component. >> bill: go ahead. >> the obama campaign is using its money i think intelligently and with great targeting and they have been on the internet for a year. >> bill: okay, no doubt that axelrod and the boys in chicago are running a very effective campaign right now but that still doesn't explain why fox news calls a person in florida up, florida which has almost 9% unemployment, housing market collapsed, chaos everywhere economically and that person goes oh, yeah, i think president obama is doing a good job on the economy. how in god's gam name can you arrive at that conclusion if you are living in florida? >> you talked about being sent to the circus to distract them that the barbarians were at the gate. that is precisely what happened. >> bill: you are agreeing with me.
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>> absolutely. >> bill: their trivial pursuits are overriding really important stuff? >> that is one way to say it. i would say it this way. the romney campaign isn't smart enough to break through. they know the issues and they perhaps -- >> bill: perhaps a break through on the debates that is his chance. next on the rundown, president obama scorched in an interview on a spanish tv network. we will show you two amazing sound bites. >> and later, on randy new youman singing a song about how bad white people are or something. we're coming right back. [ male announcer ] this is anna, her long day teaching the perfect swing begins with back pain and a choice. take advil, and maybe have to take up to four in a day.
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>> bill: impact segment tonight. yesterday, president obama did an interview with the hispanic tv network uni vision. the anchor gave mr. obama a hard time. >> on may 28, 2008, we had a conversation in denver, colorado and you you told me the following and i'm going to quote you. what i can guarantee is we will have in the first year an immigration bill that i strongly support. >> you prom mitt romneyed that and a prom -- you promised that. a promise is a promise. >> i'm not the head of the legislature or the judiciary. we have to have cooperation from all these sources to get something done. i'm happy to take responsibility for the fact that we didn't get it done. i did not make a promise that i would get everything done 100%
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when i was elected as president. >> bill: joining us from ft. worth, texas, francisco hernandez an immigration attorney and from washington, viviana, a political analyst. we will begin with you. >> hi there, bill. >> bill: the president looked shaky there and ramos said hey, you didn't do it and everybody should remember the first two years that the president was in office he had control of congress the house and the senate and could have passed something and did not. so what do you think about mr. obama saying hey, i can't pass everything? what do you think? >> bill, i think it is really important to note that this was really the big expected question of the forum last night. and when who ar jorge went ahed pushed hard not just on how it is that he broke a promise which is important but that he also followed up with the whole question of sky high deportations and policies as secure communities that have been really thorns in the side
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of the latino community. the president took the position, two positions. one was very wonky and one was a lesson kind of from it school house rock how a bill becomes a law and then went ahead and said well, you know, congress appropriated this money so i guess i have to spend it but did something really interesting this time around which is he also made an emotional argument saying my heart breaks out, breaks for these for example young undocumented illegal immigrant students. the question really is going to be, bill, if latino voters are not not just going to buy it and we have seen in the last fox news latino poll that the president has an edge over governor romney two to one but it is going to be -- is it going to be enough to get them to the polls on november 6. >> bill: but for you personally did the president answer the questions? >> i think he didn't. >> bill: he did what he always does, goes off in a tangent and eats up the time and does the
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little two step. mr. hernandez, how did you see that answer? >> well, mr. o'reilly i think he tried to answer by not addressing the elephant that is in the room. quite frankly everybody knows that the silent enemy of immigration reform are some people in the democratic party. george bush tried to pass immigration reform with a republican and democratic congress and certainly president obama tried. quite frankly to his credit he has done more than any one else has done in the last 12 years but quite frankly you can't fault him for not having the ability to pass legislation. >> bill: sure i can. i can fault him all day long because he had control of both houses of congress and they would have passed some kind of fair measure to try to get this thing under control. and he simply didn't even try and said in the univision interview, he said the reason i didn't was because i had to do all this economic business so i couldn't focus on it. and listen, if you like the
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president we can walk and chew gum at the same time. >> bill, this might in fact be a valid point that the president had a lot on his plate. in fact, i think he even said that. how do you explain sky high deportations as well as programs like secure communities that have been deeply unpopular in latino countries and ravaged neighborhoods and communities and families. >> bill: the second sound bite that raised some controversy was about security in libya. roll it. >> we know now that ambassador chris stevens warned about security are days before he passed -- he was killed. many people want to know whether if you expected so much antiamerican sentiment in the islamic world and why wasn't your administration better prepared to -- with more security at our embassies on september 11th? >> first of all, obviously we
5:17 pm
mourn the loss of the americans who were killed in benghazi. but i think it is important to understand that that is not representative of the attitudes of the libyan people towards america. >> bill: he went on and on and on o, mr. hernandez, not answering the question at all. the exact same thing he does when doesn't want to answer a question. we mourn the dead and sorry it happened but the muslims are not all bad and it was this dopey movie. the fact remains that the univision anchor asked a legitimate question. the state department was warned. e trouble. security was not up and why wasn't it up. you can't get an answer, mr. hernandez is her hernandez. isn't that frustrating to you? >> it is forne note that we are interested in -- important to note that we are interested. >> bill: i think americans foe that hispanic americans aresterred in things every
5:18 pm
other american is interested in. >> you can't blame him because somebody was murdered. >> bill: if they knew there was going to be trouble and they didn't put extra security on? >> my goodness they were trying to evacuate them but we are the ones who toppled the leader that was -- that caused all this. it it was the toppling. >> bill: a pretty cut and dried situation. government had information there was going to be trouble and didn't up security. viviana, the last word, go. >> i was going to say if anything, i think this was a question that this showed i think that not just jorge ramos and marlena are terrific journalists but the presidential debates were flawed in not choosing anybody outside of the so called journalist poll. fox news for example was upset that fox news did not get a journalist in there. >> bill: everybody is upset. viviana, let's be honest everybody is upset that i'm not doing the debates. that is it. >> me either, bill. >> bill: the interview by those
5:19 pm
two people on univision was the best interview so far. they were very good. ahead, controversy growing over by the obama administration did not know the american ambassador in libya was in danger when they were given warning signs. then, is chick-fil-a chickening out over gay marriage? mike huckabee moments away. bob...
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>> bill: talk radio and cable contradicteryver contra dick statements. at first the administration said this. >> the best aassessmentment we today is that in fact this was not a preplanned premeditated attack. >> we saw no evidence to back up claims by others that this
5:23 pm
was a preplanned or premeditated attack. >> bill: a short time after that the white house backed off because of what, their counter terrorism director said. >> certainly on that particular question i would say yes, they were killed in the course of a terrorist attack on our embassy. >> bill: obviously disturbing situation. joining us from los angeles fox news anchor geraldo rivera. this isn't i'm not coming at this from a partisan point of view. but as an american not as a commentator or anything like that. it disturbs me because i see chaos at the highest levels of our government. that is what i see here and in the economy as well. but let's just stay on here. i mean here you have two very high level obama spokesmen saying oh, you know, random act. no. and then they have to reverse themselves. what do you say? >> well, i think that let's start with ambassador susan
5:24 pm
rice. i mean she was either, you know, willfully ignore rant or are she was unbelievably and dangerously naive. when you have a three pronged attack on a compound and the attack uses rpg and heavy weapons fire it is clear that that is not the spontaneous response of a student mob to a movie. >> bill: all right, let me stop you there. >> all right. >> bill: everybody agrees with that. i don't think there is anybody who disagrees with what you just said. >> correct. >> bill: there are two things that can happen. either ms. rice doesn't know what she was doing and should resign or was ordered to say that, which i believe. i don't think she goes out and says anything that she is not getting the okay to say. if that is the case then we have some big trouble up there in the white house. >> let me hasten to add this was a very, very clumsy step by the obama administration and i believe the most embarrassing foreign policy blunder they
5:25 pm
have mead in almost fou made in almost four years. really so improbable her explanation that my 93-year-old mom in florida knew it was a terrorist attack, how could she not? i go back to the fact that. >> bill: she should resign then and be out of there? >> that is not for me to decide. i think that the state department should really investigate and they should investigate who put those words in her mouth. >> bill: that's right. i mean that is the next step. as an american, come on. i mean we can't have the ambassador to the united nations going out and saying crazy stuff. come on. >> i think that what you had there, yes, i agree there should be an absolute probe. i wish i trusted congress to do it in a fair full way. i don't trust congress. congress is so bit early partisan that everything is about cheap shots. i think fast and furious was a gross example of how one side
5:26 pm
can run off and do something. let me say something in a broader context. i heard people say tag this vial hateful muslim film is irrelevant. it may, indeed, be irdevelop rant to what happened in benghazi libya but is not irrelevant in the larger context of the muslim world where you have violence from indonesia to morocco. >> bill: it should be irrelevant. the fact that it isn't shows the world that these crazy muslims who are out there trying to hurt people over video they know nothing about are so unstable, so out of control and apparently the governments of pakistan, egypt and others can't control them. that is the message. isn't it? it is not about the video because in free societies you can make videos and whether
5:27 pm
they like that in pakistan or not, that is too bad. it should be irrelevant. normal sane clear thinking people don't hurt other people because somebody makes a video, geraldo. and that is what it is all about. >> it may be that the culture clash that you describe is exactly right, bill. but let me offer a slightly different take. there are two different societies here evolving at different rates. the western world we see things very clearly. there is -- there are 20, 30, 40% of the muslim world the secular elite and educated people that see things like we do. a large hunk of pakistan and afghanistan and egypt and many of these other countries, those people, i was in afghanistan one year where they took a survey with 60% of those responding said they thought christianity was a capital offense. they are people who receive most of their information from
5:28 pm
the pulpit, from the mullah and mosque on the weekend. >> bill: the bottom line on that culture is it must be controlled and if you are not going to control it then there is going to be war. >> i have a different take. >> bill: we can't -- we min --e next week to get into it. geraldo, living large in l.a. plenty more ahead as the factor moves ahead this weekend. >> chick-fil-a the organization that supports traditional marriage backing away from that stance. and gutfeld and mcgirk on why the occupy movement just about over. we hope you stay tuned for those reports. ♪
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5:32 pm
chicago among others to try to ban chick-fil-a in their cities. now, a chicago alderman said chick-fil-a told him they are getting out of the marriage business. here now, mike huckabee. i know you are involved with the story and you know the people down in atlanta, that is where they are, right? are they getting out and bailing and chickening out? >> they are not. there has been a lot of news reports. horrible publicity for chick-fil-a because the last thing they would want is for millions of americans to stand with them and then stand down because of one city councilman in chicago. >> bill: is he lying, this moreau knee? >> i haven't talked to him. i talked this very day to dan kathy the c.e.o. of chick-fil-a and they made no concessions, that they are who they are. >> bill: are they going to continue to donate to the traditional marriage organizations? >> it wasn't about chick-fil-a donating. it was about the c.e.o. who made a personal statement of his own point of view and that is what the controversy was over.
5:33 pm
chick-fil-a sells chicken. they treat their employees and customers with fairness. >> bill: did he say is he going to do figure differently, any change? >> i asked him point blank and he said no. that is the point. they are not changing who they are. >> bill: i wonder if the sales went unor down or are whatever? >> my understanding that their sales have been up ever since the august 1 day. >> bill: not a good week for governor romney. >> elections rise and fall. part of the process. >> bill: they are falling now. obama pulled ahead in every one of them except iowa in the rasmussen deal. i have said from the very beginning and since you watch the factor every night i know that the debates will tell the tale. >> i think you are right. the debates are critical for mitt romney. he has to take it to the president respectfully but also has to be as tough as the uniis
5:34 pm
vision anchors were with president obama and be specific about the contrasts and i think that is going to be really the determining factor. >> bill: does mitt romney have that in him, though? he is a gentile guy and not a confrontational man? does he have it in him to look the president in the eye and say you are really screwing up? >> i think we saw in the primary debates mitt romney was able to stare down every other candidate on the stage. >> bill: some of them but others he didn't. if you were advising h him and i know portman the senator from ohio is now the surrogate for bobby. if you were advising mitt romney see, i know what i would do if i were mitt romney. >> but that is illegal, bill. >> bill: that is true, governor and i would be carried off the stage by the secret service. no, i wouldn't do that. what i would do would be very bluntly say look, i'm going throw out all of my notes and not going to do any of this and i'm going to tell you something, you are screwing up. you have no clue on how to turn
5:35 pm
this economy around and because of that millions of americans are getting hurt and any one voting for you, mr. president, is voting on sheer fantasy because you have nothin to show here on the economic level to three and a half years. that is what i would say. >> that is pretty mild. i think that -- >> could he say that? would that win the election for him? >> it wouldn't be in character for him to say it like that. >> bill: , no, it wouldn't. >> but it would be in character for him to say i have managed major organizations. >> bill: but everybody knows that. >> he has to take it to the second level. and say if i had a manager who managed even one of my subsidiaries like you are managing this country i would tell him what donald trump says, you are fired and that is what we are going to say to yo. he has to be blunt and tough but then be specific about how he has messed up in managing the country. plenty of ammunition in that, bill. >> bill: he has is to say,
5:36 pm
mr. president, you did this. >> yes. >> solyndra. okay. that cost this. all right. and you have no idea. so i mean you brought in this person and then you fired this person. and he has to weave this like regan did. he has to it weave this tale of income patency. president obama. have you spent any time with him? >> i have four years ago. >> bill: i have done two interviews with barack obama, okay. he is smart and he is fast and he is going to be expecting romney to come at him and you have got to know that he is going to have stuff to pin romney's ears right back. and that is the fascination of the first debate. what is obama going to throw at romney to get him back, i think it is going to be, hey, listen, you are a rich guy, you have no idea. you don't even pay your fair share of taxes. is what he is going to do because the tax thing came out today. >> but he did pay taxes. >> at a 14% rate in 2011.
5:37 pm
i would answer that and say i'm honest enough and i pay every dollar of tax i owe but i'm not so stupid that i don't pay taxes that i don't have to pay and any american that stew. >> bill: i would say i pay the 14% rate because that is the capital gains rate. you know what happens when you make it higher? nobody is going to invest. go ahead and raise the cap gains and see where we are three years from now. we are going to be bankrupt. that is what i would do. >> we will dismiss obama and romney and you and i will have the dehe bait. >> bill: but i'm not rooting for anybody. i like the intellectual exercise. film' obama i can pin him back. i can pin the governor back. governor huckabee, everyone. the governor has a great series of very nice educational dvds for children. the most recent entitled election day choosing our president. for the kids. if you you go to the website
5:38 pm
learn our history .com. learn our you can check it all out. go to bill o'reilly .com to vote in the bill o'reilly .com poll. is my upcoming debate with jon stewart in washington a good idea or bad idea? if you want it see the debate on the net go to the rumble 2012 .com. when we come back, hide the children in a sound proof room. mcgirk and gutfeld. and singer randy newman possibly losing his mind. the boys are next. ♪
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the o'reilly factor the number one cable news show for 12 years running. >> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the what the heck just happened segment tonight. four intense topics to discuss. we begin with president obama polling much better this week after the tape of mitt romney making the 47% remark. mr. obama also look lumps when said on tape that he believes in income redistribution. here the producer for the imus in the morning program. and the host two of fox news programs, greg gutfeld. all right, gutfeld is, this is for romney? toast now? >> pack it up and leave. this is an embarrassment. the two videos expos the flaws of the candidates but you have to ask yourself. what would you rather have a cloudish capitalist or charming
5:42 pm
collectivist. somebody who knows business or somebody who knows beyonce and i would choose the guy who knows business although i love beyonce. >> bill: the polling shows the folks aren't reacting the way greg gutfeld is reacting. why is there that divide between you and american people. >> i would say and i sound clicheed. it is like the media. this is like a high school experiment where the media is the frog. it is clear that they favor obama by ignoring. >> bill: you think the media is swaying the pop eye larenta opinion? >> yes. >> not only that he called attention to this by holding that stupid press conference where he looked con streit and timid and indecisive. anthony wiener showed more -- >> bill: is he out? >> he is gone. >> you would think that romney did something that egregious. >> bill: it wasn't really.
5:43 pm
>> no, not at all. >> bill: he was saying look, there are a bunch of slackers and they are not going to vote for me. unfortunately, put a number on it. all right, 47% of americans are slackers. he should have said there is a bunch of people and they want this and he would have been okay. isn't it true that the governor has not really been robust? he hasn't been clint eastwood out there? >> it right. >> so far in the campaign a little touchy feely, a little back on his heels. gutfeld? >> it is the inverse candidate to obama. obama leads with soaring rhetoric. the supporters have to lead romney with soaring rhetoric. he has to follow the lead with people a bit more articulate than he is. they have their fingers crossed it will happen soon. >> it served to crystallize the argument the difference between the two of them. he was inartful of course, but that he wants to reform
5:44 pm
entitlements and the parasite versus the producers and there were no pair are a sites. >> bill: everybody knows that one is a free market capitalist and the other a quasisocialist but looks like the quasisocialist is doing better in the polls. remember the movie "moonstruck" with with cher and she goes up to nicolas cage snap out of it. i think that might is snapped romney out of it but he better snap out by the time the debates roll around. we all live in new york city. actually, mcguirk and i -- i don't know where you live. >> i live in the gutter. >> gutfeld is homeless despite two shows. make a last stand. roll the tape. >> we want them to know that you are not alone. >> they are celebrating the
5:45 pm
first anniversary the happy birthday to occupy. and we want -- we are looking forward to another great year are. >> bill: you know the show "the walking dead." you know that show? >> can i quote dr. seuss, stink, stank, stunk? >> we fought the funk and the funk lost. how about that. >> that looked like barney the dinosaur leading the other little cartoon characters out of the studio did it not. it is over are. >> it should have been over sooner and it was on life support system because the media fell in love with it. they were the beneficiary of welfare pro tests by the unions, by the media and by the administration. there were more media there for this birthday. >> more police. >> and by the way the police did a great job splitting these people up. but the reporters were there as though they were rekindling a fling. like going back. >> bill: i think. >> i think even the liberal media knows it is over.
5:46 pm
>> it is not over. >> what? >> it is not over. history is written by the hysterics. if everybody who was in the summer of love was there it would be 30 is summer of loves there will be people saying occupy wall street remember the good 'ole days. like the wto riots in seattle. they made a movie about it. >> bill: but it is over, gutfeld. >> if john mccain had gotten elected this would be bigger than the vietnam protests. >> i think this they alienated almost everybody and i think they are toast. we will have more with gutfeld and mcguirk, god help us, in a moment singer randy newman w singing a song about whiteve people. not short people. white apparently he doesn't like them. what they say to that. from the fear of identity theft. our pledge to you? as long as there are identity thieves, we'll be there.
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we're lifelock. and we offer the most comprehensive identity theft protection ever created. lifelock: relentlessly protecting your identity. call 1-800-lifelock or go to today.
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>> bill: back of the book
5:50 pm
segment. we continue with gutfeld and mcguirk. singer randy newman had a big mitt with a song called short people and now he has a song about white people and politics. ♪ i'm dreaming of a white president just like the ones we have always had ♪ ♪ if we allow a white man who knows the car, how to handle money or start a war ♪ ♪ wouldn't even have to tell me what we were fighting for ♪ >> so mcguirk you will be huming that all weekend long, right. >> can't get it out of my head already. tell you that, first of all, toy torrey which he provided the song track for woody and buzz lightyear were the whitest characters. these people are the closet racists themselves and this is
5:51 pm
to exorcise the demons inside his head. he talks about a particular he when we talk about obama implying racism. bill clinton who was a white southern governor there was a lot of heat when people were angry at him. >> bill: isn't he white, though, gutfeld? >> last time i checked. who told this guy he can sing. i have seen better pipes in a public toilet. i'm sorry. >> bill: i know you -- >> did i cross the line? >> i know gut hel gutfeld haten because of. ♪ short people got no reason >> i march to that. bill ma sherr and randy newman, all these rich old white guys chasing obama like he is a playboy bunny. i agree with you. hollywood has become the propaganda arm of the government. they are supposed to speak truth to power but you instead kissing its -- >> difficult to assign sin motives to somebody.sinister
5:52 pm
if you want to reform entight millionents because you want to screw the poor not because you you see a disaster coming. >> bill: i don't know what the white thing is. >> he said he is not even sure if this person exists. >> okay. in rhode island a beautiful state, by the way. in cranston working class town, the aclu has sent and told a school they cannot have father/daughter functions like a dance. can't have it. roll the tape. >> i truly believe that no one intended to hurt any one's feelings with this that they wanted to be inclusive. that they but they also like the traditional type activities. >> undefinedding that balance that in the end might turn out to be tricky. >> i believe so but i think with most things, things are tricky these days. >> i'm not the getting this,
5:53 pm
mcguirk. >> not at all. >> bill: do you understand what this is all about? >> not at all. >> who is not being included. >> for example a girl who doesn't have a father figure in her life. so if you have a father daughter dance she is discriminated against. what about the football? if you are weak ling you are being discriminated against. by the way, you know who is leading the fight against the father daughter dance ban is woody allen to his credit? >> really? >> i'm dead serious. >> bill: oh, my good glance they shouldn't have a big brother program because i didn't have any big brothers or any brothers. it is not fair, a repressive tolerance is at fault for this. >> bill: repressive tolerance. >> because if you have to accept every behavior then hurt feelings trumps common sense. >> bill: look, you know, we don't want any kid to be feeling bad and as mcguirk.
5:54 pm
>> except me. >> bill: normal people don't want any children to feel bad. >> no, they don't. >> and if you have a father daughter dance and there is a daughter that doesn't have a dad or a big brother or uncle or anything like that. >> rent me. >> bill: they he could feel bad but that is what life is all about and schools should be teaching that sometimes your feelings are going to be hurt because sometimes you are deprived and you don't have what other people have. gutfeld has a terrible tie and i have a nice one. he is deprived but you have to roll with it. >> what is wrong with my tie? >> it is the aclu that i really object to here. these are fascest people. these are frankle. remember spain, frankle. that is what these people are. we will find a way to ruin everything. a nice dance with dad and the todder -- we will ruin it. christmas? cut its throat.
5:55 pm
mcguirk. last word. >> haters. there is a way to accommodate a young girl. >> get her uncle or let the mom come. >> me. >> get greg. >> bill: so we are all in agreement this is madness. >> madness. >> mcguirk and gutfeld. don't blame me. but it is all my fault. factor tip of the day. and it is directing at one person. our pal brian williams. brian, this tip is for you. just 60 seconds away. [ man ] when i'm in my zone... every move i make is a statement... ♪ ...that inspires me to make my mark. ♪ ...
5:56 pm
♪ >>. >> bill: factor, a special message for brian williams. for first to the mail...
5:57 pm
zblooj. >> bill: let them fail linda. it's the way i deliver the broadcast with energy and truth. >> bill: we want to hear all sides and see how their points stand up to my interrogation. that is formula.
5:58 pm
>> bill: fourth amendment. the right. people to secure in their persons. that is the privacy provisions. >> bill: whatever you mean, keep them in the castle. do you know what that means. >> bill: they will crown stewart even if he doesn't show up for the debate. i'm doing it for charity. it will be a fun event. >> bill: you covered it all for me mike. we're shipping killing kennedy to you next week. you can get "killing lincoln"
5:59 pm
free instead of kennedy or if you become a pm member. finally tonight the factor tip of the day. last night on nbc, ted koppel interviewed me about my influence in cable news. >> if we tried a paternity test, there would be lost folks that would look upon you as their ideological dad. do you buy that? >> yeah, mine if you are going to be successful in national television you are going to have imitators. look let's be honest here. not many people is be a measures to as i am. >> bill: i was being self-deprecating and brian williams took the cheap shot me. this is for you brian. that kind of stuff makes you look small, like a tiny guy. you might rethink it. that is it

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